Cabins & Trails

Our cabins are surrounded by 1,700 acres of open space and bay forest in West Marin. We want your time here to be comfortable.  Our cabins offer a place for groups to reconvene and recharge.


All of our heated cabins are in close proximity to the Bathhouse and offer cleanliness and comfort. Our carpeted cabins feature Central City Beds that offer cleanliness and comfort. 13 of our cabins surround the central Bathhouse, while several of our other cabins have their own bathroom and shower facilities.


Bath house 2_edited.jpg

The bathhouse has eight showers on each side, as well as sinks and bathroom facilities. The private showers have doors that lock, and cabins will be assigned shower times during their stay.

bath house

kids in a line getting to walker peak

Over 20 miles of trails traverse our bay laurel woodlands and chaparral ecosystems. Since our creek flows year-round, trees like the alder and bay provide shade during the warmer months.


Health center close up of supplies.jpg

Our health center is stocked with over-the-counter medications as well as the resources needed to make sure your students are safe and healthy during their stay. Each school brings teachers who staff the health center and provide care. We also have an AED, oxygen, and trained staff. 

health center