Educational Staff

Our outdoor education team are dedicated educators who love witnessing individual and group growth. We believe that accessing the outdoors is a basic right for all people and that we have the open space to provide it. While here, we want students and schools to foster lasting connections, and leave with a richer sense of self and community. 

jordy bio 2019.png

Jordan / bird


Jordan grew up in a very warm place in the middle of California near two rivers. Since then, she has flowed to other rivers, to oceans, rainfall and has now arrived at creek and pond. She really enjoys swimming --  as well as just-picked fruit, movement and mindfulness, getting to know the piano, and connecting with nature.  She loves exploring her surroundings and learning from animals, plants, people, and places and has a background sharing this wonder in preschool classrooms and outdoor classrooms. She is so grateful to learn alongside youth and to land at Walker Creek.

kristine bio.png

kristine / sunflower


Kristine grew up in the small beach town of Dana Point before she adventured on to UC Santa Cruz, getting her degree in Environmental Studies. There she immersed herself in the study of natural history and fell in love with wild California. She enjoys yoga, hiking, reading, eating, dancing, adventure, all kinds of community, and chasing the sun. She can't wait to share nature with kids.

kaya bio 2019.png

kaya / walnut


Kaya grew up frolicking in the redwoods of Occidental where she fell in love with exploring in nature. She headed to the big city to attend college at UC Berkeley where she got a degree in Conservation and Resource Studies. After graduating she spent a year working with kids doing habitat restoration and teaching watershed science.  She spent her summers working at summer camps and can't wait to get to sing songs every week! She loves cooking, listening to podcasts, swimming, and dancing! 

Adam bio 2019.png

adam / hatch


Adam came to Walker Creek in 2013, via the travel industry. After many years guiding adventure trips in North, Central, and South America, he realized that his favorite part of the job was seeing young people become deeply excited about the world around them, and that Outdoor Education was a perfect path to seeing that happen! When he’s not hiking the hills of West Marin with students in tow, he can be found guiding groups of all types throughout his favorite parts of California, including Big Sur, the deserts of Southern California, the Eastern Sierras, and the Redwood Empire. During free time he enjoys exploring the same—and more—with his husband and two beloved dogs.

Emily bio 2019.png

emily / oak

Naturalist Intern

Emily grew up in Berkeley, CA and moved to San Diego to study Sustainability and Geology. Fascinated by the natural world and topography, she spent many afternoons exploring Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve and greater Southern California. Emily discovered her passion for youth engagement and outdoor recreation during her work as a swim instructor at the El Cerrito Community Center, volunteering at Berkeley Unified School District, and performing outreach for the California Outdoor Engagement Coalition. Her simple pleasures include basking in dappled sunlight, swimming, and reading the newspaper with a cup of tea. Emily is thrilled to teach and learn among youth and other Naturalists, as well as explore the bounty of nature at Walker Creek Ranch.

Sierra bio 2019.png

sierra / tigress

Naturalist Intern

Born and raised in New Jersey, Sierra brings bold East Coast energy to Walker Creek Ranch. Sierra graduated from Georgia State University in Atlanta, GA with a degree in Hospitality. Despite four years of big city living, she’ll never pass up an opportunity to journey into the outdoors. A natural - born adventurer, Sierra lives to take safe risks. On any given day you can find her hiking up mountains, trying crazy new foods, jumping off cliffs, or exploring new cities solo. Sierra loves to travel, meet new people, learn new things and aims to make the most out of every day. She’s passionate about social and environmental justice, and strives to make the outdoors a more welcoming and comfortable space for people of color. When not jetting across the country, sleeping, working, or a wild combination of all three, Sierra loves to cook, paint, thrift shop, and watch movies.

Annika bio 2019.png

annika / sticks

Naturalist Intern 

Annika grew up near the beautiful Oregon coast and fell in love with outdoor education after she attended outdoor school at Camp Westwind, and in the years following during her work there. After a year teaching high school on the border of the Navajo Nation in the high desert of New Mexico, Annika is overjoyed at the opportunity to learn about a brand new natural area and return to outdoor education while pursuing a graduate degree in Human Rights Education at the University of San Francisco. When she’s not in the classroom or on the trail, Annika loves to paint on old clothes, write goofy songs, and listen to Tom Petty in the car with the windows down. 

Mason bio 2019.png

mason / moose

Naturalist Intern

Mason (Moose) is a migratory Californian. Born in San Francisco and schooled in Environmental Education at CSU Monterey Bay. He always has a song in his head and a book in his bag. Soaking in the wilderness with new friends is his dream job.