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Educational Staff

Our outdoor education team are dedicated educators who love witnessing individual and group growth. We believe that accessing the outdoors is a basic right for all people and that we have the open space to provide it. While here, we want students and schools to foster lasting connections, and leave with a richer sense of self and community. 




Robin (she/her) was born and raised in a small beach town on Cape Cod. She grew up exploring marsh flats and tide pools and it’s here that her love for the outdoors grew. Robin attended the University of Vermont where she earned her Bachlors of Science in Environmental Studies. Robin spends her summers working at summer camps and can’t wait to share the outdoors with kids again! She loves a good book, a long hike, and a cold swim.




Chelsea (she/her) grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana. She graduated from Michigan State University  with a degree in Wildlife Biology and Management. Since then, she has traveled across the country teaching outdoor education. She loves photography, cooking, traveling, reading, watching movies, and anything outdoors! She is very excited to learn more about a new environment and meeting all the kids!




Ma’ayan (they/them)  grew up in the bay area falling in love with coastal California. After studying Computer Science followed by a short career as a software developer, they're immensely excited to start teaching in the outdoors. Guiding as a Naturalist excites them because it allows them to excite people about the amazing ecosystems around them while constantly learning more. Two species they're excited about seeing at Walker Creek Ranch are Northern Spotted Owls and Ringtail Cats. When not outside you can catch them playing video games, board games, and even occasionally juggling.




Julie (she/her) grew up in Southern California and has always been drawn to the outdoors. Julie studied Environmental Science Resource Management at CSU Channel Islands where her love for the natural world only grew through numerous field research opportunities. She started her journey in outdoor education as a volunteer during that time, where she realized that she could combine her love for the outdoors and passion for teaching others. Julie has been working as a naturalist since and is excited to join the Walker Creek Ranch team! Outside of teaching, Julie enjoys sitting at the beach, hiking, cloud watching, and playing board games with friends.




Owen (he/him) was born and raised in the Bay Area and went to school in Santa Cruz. He loves trees, hacky sacks, hammocks, looking at the stars, and proving by example that singing just isn't for everyone. His favorite things to do in nature are climb trees, catch bugs, and look for anything creepy crawly. He believes that nature is a place to connect people, and that everyone deserves to feel like they belong in nature.




She/her grew up in northern Oregon with the privilege of being surrounded by beautiful coastal and forest ecosystems. Moss is a graduate of University of Oregon and a lover of hiking, yoga, birding, ocean plunges, the marsh, exploring new places, and sharing her love for the outdoors through education and stewardship. She lives for the mindful and quiet moments outside pondering how everything is connected, and the joy, curiosity, grace, and wisdom that stems from really experiencing the elements and naturalizing with others.




Brooke (she/they) grew up on the coast of Long Beach, California. She graduated from UC Santa Cruz where she earned her degree in Environmental Studies. In recent years, she has found herself working on native plant restoration, insect collecting, bird identification, and educational outreach. In their free time, you can find her playing guitar, hiking, making collages, and swimming in the ocean! 




Karly (she/her) was born and raised in Corning, CA. She received her bachelor’s degree in Recreation, Parks, and Tourism Administration from Sacramento State. While attending Sacramento State, Karly began working at the college’s outdoor adventure program as an Outdoor Trip Leader, Youth Camp Counselor, and Ropes Course Team Lead. These positions sparked her passion for outdoor education. In her free time, Karly likes to spend time with friends and family, hunt for the best local thrift stores, and re-watch The Office.




Will (he/him) is recently graduated from UMaine, and have been enjoying a mix of backpacking and working at a local day camp and outdoor shop this Summer. In his free time he likes to skateboard, climb, hike/camp, tide pool, be out in the rain, create videos, and overall just spend time in nature!




Eva (she/her) was born and raised in the Bay Area and is a recent graduate of Sonoma State University. After receiving a degree in Biology, Eva has found that she is most interested in learning more about ecology and conservation. She values the importance of fostering connections with the youth within our community and broadening their horizons to further appreciate the nature and life that surrounds us. During her free time you can find Eva making jewelry, doing a DIY project, dancing, or enjoying a latte!

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