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The Land

This land has a rich history and 1,700 acres of open space for you to explore. Within minutes of leaving the dining hall, you can find yourself in the heart of a bay woodland forest, or next to the creek looking for tiny salmon. We look forward to tales from your explorations!

student walking on a trail

Over 20 miles of trails traverse our bay laurel woodlands and chaparral ecosystems. Our creek flows year-round and is ideal for shorter hikes and relaxing near the sound of water. If you are craving a longer hike, we recommend heading for Walker Peak with its panoramic view of Tomales Bay and the Sonoma Mountains. Keep an eye out for banana slugs, deer, fox, turkey vultures, and newts!

hiking trails

Creek with alder trees

Walker Creek flows year-round from the Soulajule Reservoir into Tomales Bay and the headwaters of the Pacific Ocean. Our creek is part of its own watershed and is home to many species, including the federally threatened Steelhead trout and federally endangered Coho salmon. We’ve even partnered with Cal Trout and UC Davis, who are studying the creek as a thriving place for these rare species! 


Lichen on a rock

This land has witnessed many changes over time, from being an important place for the Coast Miwok people, to being a sheep farm, to being a sight for Synanon, to being a retreat and outdoor school. In 1990, we opened Walker Creek Ranch as a retreat center and overnight outdoor school. When you visit, see if you find signs of these cultural histories at the ranch!


Growing kale

Throughout the year, our organic garden offers a peaceful gathering place and outdoor classroom. Our composting system helps consolidate any uneaten food from the dining hall and return the nutrients to the soil. Rows of crops are prepped and planted throughout the year, and we get to harvest delicious apples each fall. This half-acre gem also features native plants that attract birds, butterflies, and other pollinators. Make sure to explore the special space during your visit!


Gray Fox

Our assortment of bay woodland, creekside, and grassland habitat also means we have a lot of wildlife for you to see. While walking from the dining hall towards any meeting room, you may have a herd of deer watching you, or a fox darting into a patch of willow trees. As MALT land, we are also part of a larger coalition whose mission is to protect open space for future generations to come.


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