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A Typical Day

Each day varies according to group needs, and combines structured learning time with exploration time.

Student looking into a creek study tool

On a four-day program, students experience an arrival day, packed days on the trail, three-night programs, and a departure day. Every group has the chance for team-building, a guided solo walk, a pond or creek study, and garden time. The mid-week activities is an adventure hike to the top of Walker Peak. Our night programs include a welcoming campfire, night walk, and barn boogie. On departure days, students celebrate their triumphant week and have a closing ceremony. Look at a typical schedule HERE.

four day schedule

Students rock face painting Naturalist

Student awake around 7:00 each morning and get ready for the big day. Breakfast begins in the dining hall around 8:00, followed by trail time with their Naturalist from 9:15 AM - 12:00 PM. Students then enjoy lunch and recess time until 1:15 PM. For afternoon trail time, groups explore again with their Naturalist group from 1:30 PM - 4:00 PM. Afterwards, cabin time until dinner gives students a chance to recharge. 5:00 PM marks the dinner meal, which is followed by time for students to meet with their classroom teachers. Night programs begin at 7:15 PM and conclude by 9:00 PM. Lights out occurs around 9:30 PM!

a typical day 

Students smiling from Grinding Rock_

On arrival day, students enjoy a campus tour and welcoming ceremony. For the rest of their week, two cabins combine to form a trail group led by one Naturalist. Teachers assign these groups before arrival day. Trail groups form a special bond, as they explore the outdoors together, eat together, and share night program activities. 


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