The teachers and cabin leaders who come to our program get to share a special week with the students. We are so grateful for their help and commitment to the students! Please see our FAQ section for more.

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Teachers are the behind-the-scenes heroes who support students during their special week here. During their stay, teachers occupy the Teachers’ Lodge where they share rooms.  Each morning and evening, teachers administer medicine to students, and make sure the health center has support during trail time. Teachers come to each meal too, as one way to hear about student’s weeks, share a meal together, and help dismiss students afterwards. Every evening, teachers have one hour with their classroom to share stories and lessons from the week thus far. Before bed, teachers make “the rounds” around cabins to make sure students are getting ready for the 9:30 PM bedtime. We couldn’t run our program without the amazing support from the Teachers!


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Teachers stay in the Teachers’ Lodge, where they begin and end each day. Mornings begin around 7:00 AM with students visiting the health center for medication, followed by attending breakfast at 8:00 AM. During morning and afternoon trail time, teachers are invited and encouraged to join various groups outside, as well as take turns staffing the health counter. After lunch, teachers supervise students on the ball field from 12:30 PM - 1:15 PM. After dinner, students go with their teacher to Teacher Time, where peers reconnect with classmates. Teachers are always welcome on night programs as well, and then they end their day administering medication in the health center. 

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sample teacher schedule

Teachers have a flexible and shifting role while their students are here, since each week largely depends on student needs and occurrences.  You can look at a typical teacher schedule HERE

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sample cabin leader schedule

The cabin leader schedule follows the student schedule, with the exception of evening breaks that occur while students are with teachers.  You can look at a typical Cabin Leader schedule HERE

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