The Creek

Walker Creek flows year-round from the Soulajule Reservoir to the Pacific Ocean. It is part of its own watershed, and provides many ecosystem services, including flood management and water quality maintenance.


Our creek is home to many species, including the federally threatened Steelhead trout and federally endangered Coho salmon. We’ve partnered with Cal Trout and UC Davis, who are studying the creek as a thriving place for these rare species!  

coho salmon & steelhead trout

Salmon release. (7).JPEG

In the 1990s, significant restoration to our creek transformed the degraded area back into a thriving habitat. After a month with large-scale “creek-cleanups” and plantings of native species, the creek began its journey towards a healthy ecosystem again. Today, it is a water source and habitat for many species. 


Salmon release in Walker Creek. (4).JPEG

Watersheds are an area of land where water drains into one larger area, like a lake or ocean. The Walker Creek Watershed ultimately leads to Tomales Bay and the Pacific Ocean. It includes Chileno Creek, Keyes Creek, Frink Creek, Verde Creek, Salmon Creek, Arroyo Sausal, Soulajule Reservoir, and Laguna Lake.